Apple MacBook 60 Watt & 45W Magsafe 2 (MADE AFTER MID 2012) Replacement Power Adapter for 13 Inch MacBook, MacBook Pro & 11 & 13 Inch MacBook Air | Smallest, Lightest, Smartest Most Colorful Charger Made (TURQUOISE)



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Found it! The coolest, hottest, smallest, lightest, highest quality replacement MacBook, Pro, Air 45-60 watt MagSafe 2 mini-charger in the history of man kind

All jokes aside, this charger is controlled internally by a quad core processor that regulates voltage/power to deliver the perfect, safest charge to your expensive MacBook and battery. That is why it is compatible with both 45 watt and 60 watt MacBooks and is half the price and twice the quality of the genuine Apple MagSafe chargers that infamously ALWAYS fail, oh yeah and we are half the price too.

When you open that little brown Amazon Prime box take a moment to recognize the seamless build quality of the Dynamic Power Mini-Charger and the vivid, almost iridescent color that will delight you and other Apple fans. Get ready to tell every one where you got it, because they are going to ask.

We set out to design the highest quality charger but we did not stop there and we made the most beautiful charger too. CE and UL certified you can rest assured that your MacBook and your charger is safe and cool.

100% satisfaction guaranteed! Try it and love it or your money back. Plus, a full 1 year warranty for performance and against manufacturer defect. Buy your favorite color today or buy two or three, one for your best friend and multiple colors for your many MacBooks. If you love your Apple products like we love ours, then quit reading and add to your cart. Thanks for your business and enjoyCompatible with Macbook and MacBook Air Made after mid 2012 (Magsafe 2) 13-Inch & 11-Inch Screens
Ul, Ce Certified Specifically Designed to Replace 45w or 60w Chargers
Auto-voltage Regulation: It Detects Optimal Voltage, Wattage, Amperage for Your Mac & Delivers Consistent, Efficient, Safe & Cool Power
Replaces: MagSafe 2 Adapters – A1435, A1436, MD565LL, A1436, MacBook Part number compatible – A1425, A1502, ME864LL/A, MGX720LL/A, A1465, A1466, MacBook Air – MD223 MD223 CH/A MD223 ZP/A MD223B/A MD223D/A MD223F/A MD223K/A MD223LL/A MD223N/A MD223X/A MD224 MD224 CH/A MD224 ZP/A MD224B/A MD224D/A MD224F/A MD224J/A MD224LL/A MD224X/A MD231 MD231 CH/A MD231 ZP/A MD231B/A MD231D/A MD231F/A MD231J/A MD231K/A MD231L MD231N MD231X MD231Y MD2 MD232 CH/A MD232 ZP MD232B MD232D MD232J MD232K MD232LL MD232Y



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