Gostrap – Strong Strap For Phones & Tablets – Multi-Task While Holding Phone – Protect Your Valuable Phone – Comfortable Base – “Must Have” Accessory – Black


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GoStrap sticks via a super-strong 3M adhesive — once it sticks, it is stuck. Apply directly to a phone or a hard case. Remove with a credit card. GoStrap makes it easy to hold your phone securely and carry other items. GoStrap really helps when your hands are full. The versatile, strong strap allows you to flip a phone to the back of your fingers so you can carry a bag or cup or just zipper your jacket. – Works with most phones and hard cases. – Not compatible with silicone, TPU gel cases; Galaxy S6 glass-back; Note 4 soft-back. COMPARISON – Vs. NoBiggi – GoStrap’s stronger strap allows you to flip your phone to the back of your hands so you can carry other items. – Vs. LoveHandle – GoStrap’s base has a more comfortable, rubberized covering, which is very important when you flip your phone to the outside of your fingers. LoveHandle’s base is hard plastic. MANY BENEFITS – Multi-task – hold a cup, push a stroller or shopping cart, pull your luggage – Use when running or when riding the train or bus. – Deter theft – Slightly elevate your device off a table to avoid spills – Shoot videos and take selfies with ease. COMFORTABLE DESIGN – The strap’s low profile won’t take up room in your pocket and your phone can still lie on a table. – The base is covered with a comfortable rubberized plastic, not hard plastic. – The wide strap’s material remains comfortable. – Only requires one or two fingers, not four fingers.Securely hold and use your phone with just one or two fingers. Avoid costly drops and cracked screens. Worry less about your phone.
Strong adhesive holds GoStrap to phone or hard case. Once it sticks, it is stuck! (For Galaxy S6 & Z3, use hard case; Not compatible with silicone, gel, TPU, or rubber cases; or Note 4 soft back.)
Zip your jacket, hold a cup, or push a stroller by flipping phone to outside of fingers. Perfect when your hands are full.
Your thumb can reach more spots on your phone, especially on the iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note. Text with one hand. Easier to take selfies and video.
Comfortable base covered with rubberized plastic. Strong strap doesn’t get itchy. Phone lies flat on table and easily slips into a pocket. Raised base protects phone from spills.


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