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Free up 65% of your Macbook’s footprint and cool it at the same time with mTower. The unique floating design allows usable space underneath the Macbook while increasing airflow all around. When used together with an external monitor like the Apple Thunderbolt Display, the mTower gives you a sleek Macbook-desktop setup.

space saving mTower
Space saver and clean set up

External Monitor Complement

Super charged Thunderbolt desktop

Give your Thunderbolt display and Macbook a clutter-free and yet functional set up it deserves. With mTower, you can now have a awesome huge display and a roomy desktop.

Rock solid

mTower is made from a one-piece aluminum with high quality sand blasted anodized finish to perfectly match your Mac. You’ll appreciate the smooth and flush surface, unmarred by unsightly screws.

Coffee spill proof

The mTower elevates the Macbook from the desk making accidental coffee spills on your notebook a thing of the past.

Functional Accessory

Heat Sink

The all aluminum material enables the mTower to serve as a heat sink. Aluminum’s high heat conductivity first draws heat away from the notebook. It cools by facilitating better air flow and convection all around the notebook. mTower has special air gaps within the holder to allow cold air to flow upwards. A cooler notebook is also a much quieter notebook as it reduces the need for the notebook’s internal fan to kick in.

mTower airflow
Increase air flow with mTower

Unclutter Your Desktop

The mTower frees up space on the desktop. The floating design allows maximum usable desktop.

mTower footprint
mTower with Macbook Air

  • All Apple Macbooks after 2010 (Pro/Air/Retina)
  • Notebooks less than 10.4 inches depth
  • Comes with various rubber adapters for snug fit and scratch protection for all Macbooks
  • May not work with Macbooks with cases

Product Dimensions

mTower specs
mTower specs


3.46 inches

Width (Base)

9.84 inches

Depth (Base)

4.48 inches

* Width (Holder)

0.98 inches

Vertical notebook stand saves desk space
Increases airflow around notebook to keep it cooler
Sturdy single piece aluminum design
Sand-blasted and anodized finish matches Apple notebooks
Compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15/17", MacBook Pro 13/15" retina, MacBook Air 11/13&


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