Iphone 6s case,iphone 6 cases DENISY 4.7″(black) high-grade PU leather cover following,all-round protection,stereoscopic support following,rigid panel cover case for iphone cases



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This type of iphone case is especially designed for iphone 6 and 6s.
It has the following characteristics: double protection clarified by iphone 6, four safety air bags;
The more reasonable design of flip ensures more accurate. More details can be found on the design of iphone6 mobile phone case.
With respect to protection for side keys, it is provided with unique cover design.
The simple lattice tower supports convenience and entertainment.Iphone 6s case has fashionable and cool appearance and is especially designed for iphone 6s and absolutely satisfies the need of the public. It is provided with unique flip design and can make the mobile phone stand on the desktop to watch video and release your hands.
The inside layer of high grade leather case adopts manganese steel sheet to form folding support with a shock absorption rubber case enclosing your mobile phone tightly in an overall manner so that the mobile phone case falling to the ground can be protected to the greatest extent.
The high grade environment PU leather is abrasion resistant and does not discolor. It is more reasonable and accurate for flip design of iphone 6s case.
The strong protective case makes your mobile phone free from any damage. Protective design is enhanced for the front and back with highlighted design given to the folding trace on the front and back covers. Every folding trace seems finer and particular. It is easier to use.
The black mobile phone case seems elegant and resistant to dirt with soft case edging inside and shockproof and crushing prevention. As long as you want to have the best designed Apple mobile phone case, add it to your shopping cart right now.


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